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how can i add jvm(java virtual machine ) options in apache tomcat6.

is there any administration console in tomcat.i tried http://localhost:8080/admin bit i could get aanything out of it

i want to add the following jvm options

-agentpath:C:\calltracer\jvmti\calltracer5.dll=traceFile-C:\calltracer\call.trace,filterFile-C:\calltracer\filters.txt,outputType-xml,usage-uncontrolled -Djava.library.path=C:\calltracer\jvmti -Dcalltracerlib=calltracer5
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Set it in the JAVA_OPTS variable in [path to tomcat]/bin/catalina.sh. Under windows there is a console where you can set it up or you use the catalina.bat.

JAVA_OPTS=-agentpath:C:\calltracer\jvmti\calltracer5.dll=traceFile-C:\calltracer\call.trace,filterFile-C:\calltracer\filters.txt,outputType-xml,usage-uncontrolled -Djava.library.path=C:\calltracer\jvmti -Dcalltracerlib=calltracer5
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At least in Tomcat 7, this is not the recommended place for customisations. From catalina.sh: "Do not set the variables in this script. Instead put them into a script setenv.sh in CATALINA_BASE/bin to keep your customizations separate". Also, as Mitch notes, CATALINA_OPTS is the more canonical variable to store this in. –  strangefeatures Jun 5 '14 at 3:48

For this you need to run the "tomcat6w" application that is part of the standard Tomcat distribution in the "bin" directory. E.g. for windows the default is "C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 6.0\bin\tomcat6w.exe". The "tomcat6w" application starts a GUI. If you select the "Java" tab you can enter all Java options.

It is also possible to pass JVM options via the command line to tomcat. For this you need to use the command:

<tomcatexecutable> //US//<tomcatservicename> ++JvmOptions="<JVMoptions>"

where "tomcatexecutable" refers to your tomcat application, "tomcatservicename" is the tomcat service name you are using and "JVMoptions" are your JVM options. For instance:

"tomcat6.exe" //US//tomcat6 ++JvmOptions="-XX:MaxPermSize=128m" 
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This will mean that tomcat will always have to be started as a service for the changes to take effect, hence the first approach should be better –  frewper Mar 19 '14 at 12:14

As Bhavik Shah says, you can do it in JAVA_OPTS, but the recommended way (as per catalina.sh) is to use CATALINA_OPTS:

#   CATALINA_OPTS   (Optional) Java runtime options used when the "start",
#                   "run" or "debug" command is executed.
#                   Include here and not in JAVA_OPTS all options, that should
#                   only be used by Tomcat itself, not by the stop process,
#                   the version command etc.
#                   Examples are heap size, GC logging, JMX ports etc.

#   JAVA_OPTS       (Optional) Java runtime options used when any command
#                   is executed.
#                   Include here and not in CATALINA_OPTS all options, that
#                   should be used by Tomcat and also by the stop process,
#                   the version command etc.
#                   Most options should go into CATALINA_OPTS.
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