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I want to access a Restful web service. I want the request should be in the following format.

GET /API/Contacts/username HTTP/1.1 
HOST: $baseuri:port 
Accept: text/xml 
Authorization: Basic ZmF0aWdhYmxlIGdlbmVyYXR=

And also I am calling the web service though HTTPS protocol. The folowing is the code I am using :

HttpGet get = new HttpGet("https://secure.myapp.com/MyApp/API/Contacts/myname");

  get.addHeader("Authorization","Basic ZmF0aWdhYmxlIGdlbmVyYXR=");          
  get.addHeader("Connection Use","HTTP 1.1");

  DefaultHttpClient client =  new DefaultHttpClient();
  ResponseHandler objHandler = new BasicResponseHandler();
  String getResponse = client.execute(get,objHandler); 

But I am getting an Error : 400 Bad request.

I am not sure whether my code is correct. Is it necessary to specify the method (GET, POST or PUT) explicitly in the header?

Please help me... Thnking You....

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Shouldn't you put 'Basic ZmF0aWdhYmxlIGdlbmVyYXR=' in double quotes? Also check web service example request and response and make sure that everything is specified.

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Sorry for forgetting to put the quotes in the question. Actually i used quotes in my request. But not working –  Jomia Oct 12 '11 at 11:47
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Ohh... That was my mistake. I did not keep the order of adding headers. When I changed its order according to the Request it is working fine.

In the request the HOST should be the first parameter. The following is the corrected code.

get.addHeader("Authorization","Basic ZmF0aWdhYmxlIGdlbmVyYXR=");                
get.addHeader("Connection Use","HTTP 1.1"); 

Sorry to disturb you all...

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