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I am writing a MS Access Query with Parameters and wondered if it were possible to include one of the parameters as the returned selected records:

PARAMETERS [@SubmissionID] IEEEDouble, [@StartDate] DATETIME, [@EndDate] DATETIME;
INSERT INTO tblHUD_client_profile
(SubmissionID, ClientID)
SELECT [@SubmissionID] as SubmissionID, DISTINCT(ClientID) 
FROM tblClientEducation
WHERE (BeginDate BETWEEN [@StartDate] AND [@EndDate]
   OR EndDate BETWEEN [@StartDate] AND [@EndDate])
                  Select ClientID 
                  from tblHUD_client_profile 
                  WHERE SubmissionID = [@SubmissionID] 
                  AND ClientID = tblClientEducation.ClientID

The "Select [@SubmissionID] as SubmissionID" always gives me a syntax error.

I apologize if there's a question with this solution already out there. I looked around for this but with so many basic questions about MS Access Queries and Parameters, I couldn't find what I was looking for.

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Leave out @ for MS Access:

PARAMETERS SubmissionID Integer;
SELECT [SubmissionID] as SubmissionID, DISTINCT(ClientID) 
FROM tblClientEducation
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After reviewing the original code, it seems to work as expected.

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