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I'm using the following script to play a sound when someone hovers a div.

 var birdaudio = birdhover.find('audio')[0];    

 $('.sound').mouseenter(function(){ birdaudio.play(); });
 $('.sound').mouseleave(function(){ birdaudio.stop(); });

It actually works, but the audio keeps on playing till the end of the sound, even when not hovering anymore. Is there something I could to do to prevent that? I wan't that the audio stops whenever you 'mouseleave' the div.

Hoping for help!

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Here's something related: stackoverflow.com/questions/3342803/audio-on-mouseover –  samn Oct 12 '11 at 12:36

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There is no .stop() for HTML5 media elements. You must call pause() on the element instead.

In order to fully replicate the functionality of a stop (both stop the audio and set it's playback position to the very beginning), you would then follow your pause() call with birdaudio.currentTime = 0.

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That was the answer I was looking for! Thanks, worked like a charm. –  Jeffrey Van Rossum Oct 12 '11 at 12:54

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