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I want to install this module: node-poormansmysql LINK: https://github.com/mscdex/node-poormansmysql

My nodejs application is installed in C:\Program Files\NodeJS\ - I have here the folder - node_modules

Here I added a folder - node-poormansmysql. In this folder I copied the content from github.

I still have the error - Can not find module - node-poormansmysql

Where am I doing wrong? Thank you for your advice.

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Try to copy to C:\Users\{username}\node_modules Or just type in cmd "C:\Program Files\NodeJS\npm.cmd" install node-poormansmysql

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The problem is that node will look for an index.js in the folder (or a package.json) and this library have not been packaged as a module. So what you need to do is re-name node-poormansmysql.js to index.js Also make sure you get all the dependencies.

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