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I'm trying to find LF characters that appear between double quotes. The text file I'm searching has field-value pairs in this format

    msgid "text 1"
    msgstr "text 2"

I'm trying to find if LF characters appear within text 1 or text 2 strings. I have tried "[^"\r\n]*\n[^"\r\n]*" but it just picks up " msgstr "

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what regex flavor are you using? – agent-j Oct 12 '11 at 14:33
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This regex :

if ($subject =~ m/"([^"\r\n]*?[\r\n]+[^"\r\n]*?)"\s*$/m) {
    $result = $1;

When applied to these strings :

msgid "text 1 " 
msgstr "text 2"
msgstr "something with new 

Will produce this output :

something with new 
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