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I have to create a vertical menu using clutter in C. Can anyone help me how to implement focus shift using the navigation keys for the menu where i want to highlight the focused menu option.

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the easiest way is to mark the actor that contains all the menu items as reactive, assign to it the key focus using clutter_actor_grab_key_focus() and connect to the key-press-event signal. then you can use clutter_event_get_key_symbol() on the ClutterEvent passed to the signal and match it agains key symbols like CLUTTER_KEY_Down or CLUTTER_KEY_Up.

then there's even the possibility to use ClutterBindingPool to handle tuples of (key symbol, modifier) and assign them to a specific callback function.

for more information, see the API reference:

the list of key symbols in in the clutter-keysyms.h header:

there are various recipes in the Cookbook as well:

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thanks for the suggestion. – northlondoner Oct 14 '11 at 6:15

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