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I'm trying to use p4 sync to sync a specific directory to a given changelist number using wildcards but I also want to exclude a list of files that are under that directory (in subdirectories), I tried using - (both before and after using a path with wildcards) but the file never gets excluded, this the command I'm trying:

p4 sync //Repo/Foo/... -//Repo/Foo/Bar/Foobar.txt

The file exclusion seems to only work when the files/directories you are syncing don't match the files you're trying to exclude.

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In your client, you would have multiple lines:

//Repo/Foo/... //my_client/Repo/Foo/...
-//Repo/Foo/subdirectory/... //my_client/Repo/Foo/subdirectory/...

This would allow you to get everything in the Foo directory and all subdirectories except "subdirectory".

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In short, you can't exclude files on a sync. That can only be done within the client spec. (Well, it could be done through the protections table, but that is really a different matter I think).

But if you want to sync a specific folder and only the files in that folder, use *

p4 sync //Repo/Foo/*

will get you only the files in the Foo folder.

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I've found the solution, check my edit comment. –  snk_kid Oct 12 '11 at 16:14
ignore my last message, I spoke to soon :/ –  snk_kid Oct 12 '11 at 16:30

You can do this if you use a label. Create a label in your favorite editor (p4v or command line p4 label and add your two lines:


In the revision field put @head if you want the latest or a change list number. Give the label a name - for instance "sync_butnot_foobar"

On the command line you can now sync:

p4 sync @sync_butnot_foobar

This has a huge benefit over the modify your client spec and sync head model. If you exclude a file in your client spec, the next time you sync that file will be brought to revision 0 which probably isn't what you wanted.

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