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i have a strange case, i have write a simple code to query DB in JPA2.0

every things seems good, but when the code hits query.getResultList();

it just get stuck, and does not respond, then glassfish server gets about 20% of CPU

and then nothing happen, also it does not generate any error or log.

what is wrong?

i am using glassfish, eclipselink, netbeans

this is my code:

public List<?> getData(EntityManager em,Class entityClass){
Query query=em.createQuery("select entity from tblPromotions entity");
return query.getResultList();

thanks in advance

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Try debugging it, where is it stuck? (kill or ctrl c to print the stack trace, or use a debugger)

Also turn logging on finest.

It could be a database lock, since it is a read, you must be using some sort of serialized transaction isolation, which is probably a bad idea.

How amy objects are in the table, it could just be taking a very long time.

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