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I have just moved a database from our test server to the live server by creating an empty database and restoring a backup to it.

Despite adding the Login correctly, I am getting the following error:

The server principal "myUser" is not able to access the database "myDatabase" under the current security context.

I have tried clicking F7 in Object Explorer Details with no luck. I can get the error simply by running:

> USE myDatabase 
> GO

Running the following script (from a related question) shows the user correctly

select  princ.type_desc
,       perm.permission_name
,       perm.state_desc
,       object_name(perm.major_id)
from    sys.database_permissions perm
left join
        sys.database_principals princ
on      princ.principal_id  = perm.grantee_principal_id 


Any suggestions???

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Try using sp_change_users_login with the "Auto_Fix" action to resync the logins between the server and the database.

exec sp_change_users_login @Action = 'Auto_Fix', @UserNamePattern = 'myUser'
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Thanks - I can low log into the database. However I still have an encryption key permission issue which I'll ask in another question. Thanks again! – ComfortablyNumb Oct 12 '11 at 14:37

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