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Qt Creator give the possibility to attach some resource to the project. I created in the project directory a folder called: Images. inside i have the file splash1.jpg

I created then the Resources file and attached the file as shown in the following figure: enter image description here

Which is now the correct way to access from code such a file? I tryed

QPixmap pixmap( "Images/splash1.jpg" );
QPixmap pixmap( "./Images/splash1.jpg" );

but none of them worked.

if i put just ./Images/splash1.jpg work at least if i compile by hand with qmake and make because has the correct path at runtime but no way to make it work within qt creator

Any idea??


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Note: in Qt Designer you can use the context menu on an image in the Resource Browser and choose "Copy Path"; this will include the leading colon necessary (per the answer). – Phrogz Oct 8 '14 at 5:08
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Qt5 resources explains all you need. You have to put the colon before the path in the source tree. You also have placed a prefix, so :/Images/Images/splash1.jpg.

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i read the documentation but i tought the semicolon was part fo the sentence instead of the path.... ahaah... thanks a lot! :) – Stefano Oct 12 '11 at 15:57

The correct way to load with Qt resources is: :/Images/Images/splash1.jpg.

What you could also do, is assign an alias to the resource. This way you don't need the .jpg: :/Images/splash

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You can use ":/prefix/name of your image".

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