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In a project I'm working on I need to obtain a Gaussian fit from a set of points - needing mean and variance for some processing, and possibly an error degree (or accuracy level) to let me figure out if the set of points really have a normal distribution.

I've found this question

but it is limited to 3 points only - whereas I need a fit that can work with any number of points.

What I need is similar to the labview Gaussian Peak Fit

I have looked at mathdotnet and aforge.net (using both in the same project), but I haven't found anything.

Does anybody know any C# or (easily convertible) C/C++ or Java solutions?

Alternatively, I've been told that an iterative algorithm should be used - I could implement it by myself (if not too much math-complicated). Any idea about what I can use? I've read a lot of articles (on Wikipedia and others found via Google) but I haven't found any clear indication of a solution.

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see Sinusoidal fitting classes for c# and replace "sinusoidal" by "gaussian" in it. –  CharlesB Oct 12 '11 at 14:59

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Just calculate the mean and standard deviation of your sample, those are the only two parameters of a Gaussian distribution.

For "goodness of fit", you can do something like mean-square error of the CDF.

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I've found a good implementation in ImageJ, a public domain image processing program, whose source code is available here

Converted to C# and adapted to my needs.

Thanks to you guys for your answers... not strictly related to the solution I found, but somehow I got there with your help :)

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