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I know this question has been asked before, but I'm having some difficulty getting it to work in IE9. I have an html page with 3 forms in it (since each form contains a request to a different resource on a website). The html looks like this:

<form action="/SomeController1/Action" method="get"><button name="action" value="someValue">Request the first thing</button></form>
<form action="/SomeController2/Action" method="get"><button name="action" value="someValue">Request the second thing</button></form>
<form action="/SomeController3/Action" method="get"><button name="action" value="someValue">Request the third thing</button></form>

I'm trying to disable the blue glow that is showing up on all three buttons when the page loads. I think it looks really confusing...

The solution that I'm trying to implement, which doesn't seem to be working, is:

    outline-width: 0px;
    outline: none;

At any rate, the glow doesn't appear in Firefox or Chrome, it just seems to be appearing in IE. I suppose I could just use one form and put 3 buttons in it, but this seems a bit more like a workaround rather than a solution. Is there any way to do this using CSS or javascript? Any help will be appreciated!


Edit - Here's an image of the problem:

enter image description here

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I was just hoping to get rid of the blue color.

You can't just get rid of it, because Internet Explorer uses the native buttons, from your system theme. Take a look at any system dialog box with a button, for example when you change your wallpaper.

You can only remove the blue inner glow if you're willing to style a decent looking button yourself, starting with setting a border/background (which disables using the native style).

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Thanks, I think I understand what's going on a little better now:) – Andrew Oct 12 '11 at 16:21

with 'glow' you mean a border? in that case, just do;

button { border: 0; }
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That's interesting. If I turn the border off, it stops looking like a button. I was just hoping to get rid of the blue color. I can press the tab key a bunch of times key after the page loads, and when I tab through the buttons, the blue color disappears, but they still look like buttons and still have a border... Although setting the border to zero solves the problem, it also seems to create another one... – Andrew Oct 12 '11 at 14:59

I don't have IE 9 to test---but generically in CSS, you should try

button:focus {

Adapted from "Removing the blue glow from an HTML text input when selected".

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