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Normally you can create a shortcut to a printer from right click menu of printer itself.

Is there any other way around?

I tried using IWshShortcut with following parameter as targetpath

"Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Devices and Printers\MyPrinter"

It creates a shortcut but its not valid

Any ideas

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IWshShortcut can't create a shortcut to a printer because it supports only file system targets. To create a shortcut to a printer requires digging into the shell namespace, which is a very advanced topic. You need to get the LPITEMIDLIST for the FOLDERID_PrintersFolder, bind to that folder to get the IShellFolder, use IShellFolder::EnumObjects to enumerate the printers, decide which printer you like (perhaps by inspecting its name with IShellFolder::GetDisplayNameOf), and then use IShellLink::SetIDList to target a shell link to that printer. I gave you the magic words so you can do some searches and learn more about them, but I'm not going to try to teach the shell namespace on SO.

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I would like to know that if i create a shortcut manually through rightclick options on my printer, it creates a normal shortcut file with .lnk extension, and even show me target path like i mentioned. Why is that? I mean it does seems like created with shell extension. – nomi Oct 14 '11 at 22:01
When you open the Printers folder, the Printers folder obtains the LPITEMIDLIST for the FOLDERID_PrintersFolder, binds to the folder to get its IShellFolder, uses IShellFolder::EnumObjects to list all the printers and display them (using the name returned by IShellFolder::GetDisplayNameOf). When you right-click one of them and click "Create shortcut", the Printers folder uses IShellLink::SetIDList to target a shell link to that printer. – Raymond Chen Oct 15 '11 at 1:01

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