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My Schema is as follows:

mongoose = require 'mongoose'
ObjectId  = mongoose.Schema.ObjectId

CheckinSchema = new mongoose.Schema
    type: String, required: true
      type: Number
      type: Number
    type: String
    type: Date
    default: Date.now

  location_latLong: '2d'

exports.CheckinSchema = CheckinSchema

The Model is generated separately. I get an error however when running a query. The error is:

count fails:{ errmsg: "exception: can't find special index: 2d for: { location_latLong: { $wi...", code: 13038, ok: 0.0 }

My query is:

{ location_latLong: { '$within': { '$box': [[ '-100', '-100' ],[ '100', '100' ]] } } }

So my question is.... what gives? How can I properly do Geospatial indexing in Mongoose (using Node.js)

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"special index" LOL –  yalestar Feb 19 '12 at 22:24

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THis is because you have specified the wrong order in your geo index, Since mongodb is based on GeoJSON, its recommented to have the longitude field first

instead this

      type: Number
      type: Number

use this

      type: Number
      type: Number

The names you assign to a location object (lon,lat keys) are completely ignored, only the ordering is detected.

In mongodb geospatial page, its recommended in multiple places

By default, the index assumes you are indexing longitude/latitude and is thus configured for a [-180..180) value range


The code assumes that you are using decimal degrees in (longitude, latitude) order. This is the same order used for the GeoJSON spec. Using (latitude, longitude) will result in very incorrect results, but is often the ordering used elsewhere, so it is good to double-check. The names you assign to a location object (if using an object and not an array) are completely ignored, only the ordering is detected.

I have already answered this before.


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Heads up... apparently MongoDB lies! "location_latLong" : { "lon" : -3.202774, "lzt" : 55.954155 } is what was saved in my DB (notice the ordering) but when I use lat, then the lat is first. Bottom line - it does do ordering of keys based on alpha sorting –  Shamoon Oct 12 '11 at 15:55

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