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I'm editing some extensions source codes, to create better or other extentions, some have a license file to tell you what you can do but many do not have, all i can see is a comment saying: all rights reserved by example.com so can i modify these extensions or not?

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Which part of "all rights reserved" is difficult to understand? :) If you replaced "Chrome extensions" with "Chrome", or "OS X", or "the CPU in my computer", would it make any difference? –  bzlm Oct 12 '11 at 15:11

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Chrome extension source code can be viewed but it can still be under a copyright license. Need to ask the extension owner about the license details.

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Note that an extension's presence on the Chrome Web Store requires that the developer "grant to the user a non-exclusive, worldwide, and perpetual license to perform, display, and use the Products and any content contained in, accessed by, or transmitted through the Products in connection with Google Chrome." (According to developer.chrome.com/webstore/terms) Any license terms beyond that are at the developer's discression. –  Ajedi32 Mar 2 at 21:40

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