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I know people have asked this before, but it would appear that their solution doesn't work for me or I'm doing something wrong.

public class Sprite
    private Game m_game;
    private SpriteBatch m_spriteBatch;
    private string m_filename;
    private Texture2D m_texture;

    public Sprite(Game game, SpriteBatch spriteBatch, GraphicsDevice graphicsDevice)
        m_game = game;
        m_spriteBatch = spriteBatch;
        m_texture = new Texture2D(graphicsDevice, graphicsDevice.Viewport.Width, graphicsDevice.Viewport.Height);

    public void LoadSprite(string filename)
        m_texture = m_game.Content.Load<Texture2D>(filename);

The error is generated at LoadSprite when I pass "tree" as the filename. m_texture isn't null because (tried to) initialise it in the constructor. The same call to Content.Load is used in the main loop fine but I want to move that into the Sprite class.

treeTexture = Content.Load<Texture2D>("tree");

This works fine in the main loop so it shows that the "tree" file exists.

Can anyone see what I'm doing wrong?

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Is m_game or m_game.Content null? –  Joey Oct 12 '11 at 15:20
Well your IDE should easily provide you which object is NULL. We don't know... –  RvdK Oct 12 '11 at 15:21
possible duplicate of What is a NullReferenceException in .NET? –  John Saunders Oct 12 '11 at 15:22
It shouldn't be since I passed it when I created the new Sprite: Sprite tree4 = new Sprite(game, spriteBatch, GraphicsDevice); –  Kallum Burgin Oct 12 '11 at 15:23
Please don't prefix your titles with things like "C#". On Stack Overflow, we use tags for that. –  John Saunders Oct 12 '11 at 15:23

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m_game or m_game.Content is probably null.

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m_game was null because "game" that was passed to it in the call was null. I had to put: game = this; in the constructor of the main class. –  Kallum Burgin Oct 12 '11 at 15:37

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