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I have some problems on svn authentication with jekins and maven.

Here are the steps of my work :

At this time no Problem, all builds are OK.

Now one developper tell me that when he want to use jenkin's menu entry : "Perform Maven Release", he's got the following error "/bin/sh: svn: command not found". I tell me that jenkins for doing builds use his own svn plugin but maven look for a real svn client install on the machnine.

  • So i install a svn client on this machine

Now my problem is that i can't use both snv users user1 and user2 at the same time. I have SVNAuthenticationException.

When i do a manual chekout of project1 with user1, all my builds for project 1 are ok but builds for poject2 are KO. And the inverse is right too, i do a manual checkout of project2 with user2, here builds for project2 are ok and builds for project1 are KO.

I think credentials are save or in a cache on the machine (svn client side) when i do the manual checkout and after that, jenkins use them to builds All the projects.

Have you ever see that problem ? have you a solution ?

Any help is appreciate.

Thanks by advance.



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Perhaps you could create a readOnly SVN account for both the projects to be used by jenkins? – Raghuram Oct 13 '11 at 7:28

I think you just want to disable svn's caching of client credentials. E.g., use the "--no-auth-cache" switch on all of your commands. (Can also be done by changing svn config.)

Don't forget to clear the already-existing cache files ( ~/.subversion/auth or Windows... maybe "Documents and Settings/%User%/Applications/Subversion/auth").

See also:

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