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I have a requirement to simulate a network traffic which is Poisson and Bursty (Long or Heavy Tailed) inter arrival times. I could do the Poisson part as

delay = - log(1 - rand.nextDouble()) * delay;

However, I am stuck with simulating the Bursty traffic simulation. Could someone hint/point me to the right web resource or code to achieve this? Thanks..

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The easiest and safest thing might be to download a library that supports various types of long-tailed distributions, such as a Pareto distribution, and call that API's nextRandom method (or the equivalent).

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[a.] Thanks a zillion!! :) I am going with this library ( Any better ones please let me know... [b.] But other wise can we implement it ourselves using a fun similar to "public static double pareto(double alpha)" in this link ( – Aditya369 Oct 13 '11 at 5:15

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