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This is my model.

public class MyModel
    [Display(Name = "Email Address")]
    [EmailAddress] // my custom validator to check valid email format
    [Remote("IsEmailAddressUsed", "Validation")]
    public string EmailAddress { get; set; }

The problem I have is that the IsEmailAddressUsed action gets called even when I enter an invalid format for email address. The custom EmailAddress validator works fine when I remove the Remote one. I want to check against the DB only when the email address is in a correct format. Is there a way to make the Remote validator evaluated last?

The implementation of the custom validator: EmailAddressAttribute.

public class EmailAddressAttribute : RegularExpressionAttribute, IClientValidatable
    public EmailAddressAttribute() :

    protected override ValidationResult IsValid(object value,
                                                ValidationContext validationContext)
        if (value != null)
            if (!base.IsValid(value))
                return new ValidationResult(

        return ValidationResult.Success;

    public IEnumerable<ModelClientValidationRule> GetClientValidationRules(ModelMetadata metadata, 
                                                                           ControllerContext context)
        var rule = new ModelClientValidationRule
                           ErrorMessage = FormatErrorMessage(metadata.GetDisplayName())
        rule.ValidationParameters.Add("pattern", Pattern);
        rule.ValidationType = "emailaddress";
        yield return rule;

And the accompanying script:

if ($.validator && $.validator.unobtrusive) 
    $.validator.unobtrusive.adapters.addSingleVal("emailaddress", "pattern");

    $.validator.addMethod("emailaddress", function (value, element, pattern) {
        return value.match(pattern);


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