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How can I show recent added @post and @photos in one list? For example:

post - LAlala (10.10.2011)
photos - [] [] [] [] (1.1.2011)
post - Bbbdsfbs (2.12.2010)
post - Lasdasdf2 (2.10.2009)
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@posts = Post.limit(20).order('created_at desc')
@photos = Photo.limit(20).order('created_at desc')
@recent_items = (@posts + @photos).sort_by(&:created_at)

<% @recent_items.each do |item| %>
  <% if item.class == "Photo" %>
    <%= image_tag item.url %>
  <% else %>
    <%= item.title %>
  <% end %>
<% end %>

Alternatively, use group_by to do it like this:

@recent_items = (@posts + @photos).group_by(&:created_at)

<% @recent_items.each do |date, items| %>
    Date: <%= date %>
    <% items.each do |item| %>
      Show information here.
    <% end %>
<% end >

I would move the view logic into a helper if I were you for DRYer code.

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great! but how I can paginate this? – everm1nd Oct 13 '11 at 8:56
That depends on what you're using for pagination. Post a separate question. – bricker Oct 13 '11 at 9:02
Was there ever a follow-up post on paginating this? – Matt Fordham Nov 21 '12 at 23:04

It is much better to do this is the database.

I just say this: polymorphism + database views.

Create a database view which contains the columns you need from both Post and Photo, including the column "type" containing a the name of the model (you need it for the polymorphism). Call this view for example "list_items". Then create a model called "ListItem". Then you can use this model like any other, paginate it and whatever you need to do.

ListItem.order("created_at > ?", Date.yesterday).page(params[:page])

And don't forget to configure the polymorphic association

However, all this is much easier to accomplish with the listable gem. Check it out!

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