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I want to display a dialog form for new and edit actions... However title, buttons , and few other things should change.
I am wondering how i could implement this. Provide an enum value at constructor ? Like Mode.New or Mode.Edit ? Is there a way to avoid writing code like spNewButtons.Visibillity=Collapsed .. etc , and put it inside wpf ?

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You can bind visibility with your mode property, and create a specific IValueConverter to convert the mode to a proper Visibility value. ie:

<StakPanel Visibility={Binding Mode,Converter={StaticResource myProperConverter}}></StackPanel>
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Usually my WPF dialogs are all ContentControls that get displayed in a Popup.

My code usually looks like this:

<Grid Name="RootPanel">

    <!-- Other Content -->

    <!-- Popup is always last so it gets displayed on top of other contnet -->
        local:PopupPanel.PopupParent="{Binding ElementName=RootPanel}"
        local:PopupPanel.IsPopupVisible="{Binding IsPopupVisible}"

        local:PopupPanel.PopupEnterKeyCommand="{Binding SaveCommand}"
        local:PopupPanel.PopupEscapeKeyCommand="{Binding CancelCommand}">

            <!-- Header -->
            <Label DockPanel.Dock="Top" Content="{Binding PopupHeader}" />

            <!-- Buttons -->
            <StackPanel DockPanel.Dock="Bottom" Orientation="Horizontal" HorizontalAlignment="Center">
                <Button Content="Save" Command="{Binding PopupSaveCommand}" />
                <Button Content="Cancel" Command="{Binding PopupCancelCommand}" />

            <!-- Actual content displayed is determined by DataTemplates -->
            <ContentControl Content="{Binding PopupContent}" />


I removed a lot of the styles to make this easier to read, but you can see the general idea of how it's put together. My ViewModel usually contains properties for IsPopupVisible, PopupContent, and PopupHeader, and commands for PopupSaveCommand and PopupCancelCommand

I use my own custom popup in most cases, although the same thing could be done with a WPF popup.

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