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I'm using Rails 2.3.9. and I have a model Project, for which I have a column url_name. I added a catch-all route in routes.rb so I can handle incoming urls like:



www.../3-rails (you get the idea).

Before this I had project_books_url(@project) to use in controller and views.

But now I need something to replace that project_books_url(@project), something that will generate me the full url?

It's there something to act the same as the xxx_url helper so I can use it in the controller?

If anyone has any ideas or suggestion, they are greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Why don't you just write a helper method that generates whatever you want?

def project_books_path(project)
helper_method :project_books_url
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Thanks, I added the helper method and it helps in some part of the app, but there are still parts where I need the full url, not just /3-test, I need http://..../3-test to be returned, any ideas? –  Corina Oct 13 '11 at 9:30
Presumably you can adjust the definition of the path to fit your needs, right? –  tadman Oct 13 '11 at 15:10

You can use the method

 url_for(:controller :action)

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