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Given the html:

     <div class="a">
        <div class="b">
           <div class="c">
             <div class="d">
          <div class="d">

Im interested in the selecting the parent element with class a applied to it when any element with the class 'd' is clicked.

I have the following javascript / jQuery, but it seems very messy. Is there a neater way?

      var elementA =  $(this).parentsUntil('.a').last().parent();    
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You want $(this).closest('.a').

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you can also do:

$(".d").click(function() {
    // parents() will walk up through parent nodes. If you
    // pass a selector, the set will be filtered. If not,
    // you get the full list of parent elements.
    var elementA = $(this).parents(".a");

docs here.

hope that helps! cheers.

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