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public ResultSet readSubSet(int No, String name, String case) throws SQLException {
    preparedStatement = connect.prepareStatement("SELECT *  FROM target WHERE myName=? AND myCase=? LIMIT ?,10");
    preparedStatement.setString(8, name);
    preparedStatement.setString(6, case);
    preparedStatement.setInt(1, No);
    resultSet = preparedStatement.executeQuery();   
    return resultSet;

After run I got: java.sql.SQLException: Parameter index out of range (8 > number of parameters, which is 2).

my table define myName and myCase is TEXT, is that ok I use prepareStatement.setString

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When you call setString you pass in two arguments, the first is the index of the parameter you are filling in and the second is the value you are filling it with. In your case, you would want prepareStatement.setString(1,name); to fill in the 1st parameter, prepareStatement.setString(2,case); to fill in the 2nd parameter, and so on.

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In your SQL you only have 3 variables and you are setting variable 8 as name in preparedStatement.setString(8, name)...

Look @ http://download.oracle.com/javase/tutorial/jdbc/basics/prepared.html#supply_values_ps

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Thank you very much. I am so silly, I thought that should be the index in my table. –  user991873 Oct 12 '11 at 17:07

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