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In my code I'm using four grids, I've set the row height in css like this: .x-grid3-row td {line-height: 50px;} and it sets the rows of all my grids. So I need to set the height row of one of those grids.

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Based on id or cls class you can specify the CSS for eaxch component individually. For example,if you have grid with id sample then code will be:

.sample .x-grid3-row td {line-height: 50px;} 
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Late answer, but another option is to use getRowClass on your viewConfig:

viewConfig: {
    getRowClass: function (record, rowIndex, rp, store) {
        rp.tstyle += 'height: 50px;';
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rowParams DEPRECATED. For row body use the getAdditionalData method of the rowbody feature. The getRowClass tstyle property is no longer supported. ExtJs 4.1.1. –  Dmitry Shost Feb 10 '14 at 7:41

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