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Okay, so I have a bunch of divs with different combinations of classes in each (eg "a A", "a b", "b A", "b" etc...). With a press of a button, I need to change the styles of, for example, all elements which have the class A (not only 'A', but must include it. Eg both "d A" and "A" would work)

I have tried

document.getElementsByClassName('a A').style.background = "#f00";

but it didn't work :P The console says that it can't set a style for element 'undefined', so I guess it doesn't get what I need with getElementsByClassName(); It feels like the solution is very obvious and simple, but I'm yet to find it. It's be great if you helped me!

Thanks :)

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Get jQuery: $('.A,.a').css('background', '#f00'); –  Clive Oct 12 '11 at 17:14
Greetings! I am from the future and have come here to let you know about querySelectorAll: developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/Document/… –  xec Apr 20 at 17:00

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The DOM methods that getElementsBySomething (plural), as opposed to ones which getElementBySomething return a NodeList, not an element. NodeLists are Array-like objects.

You have to loop over it and change each element in turn if you take that approach. Most libraries have shortcut methods to do that for you.

e.g. for YUI 3:

Y.all('.foo').setStyle('background', '#f00');

or jQuery

jQuery('.foo').css('background', '#f00');

An alternative approach would be to modify the stylesheet itself with JavaScript.

A third option would be to set up your changed styles in advance, using a descendent selector such as:

.foo { /* something */ }
body.bar .foo { /* something else */ }

And then

document.body.className += " bar";

to activate the alternative styling.

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Thank you. I am using jQuery already for some other stuff on the page. This works, so, thank you again :) –  Dwarf Vader Oct 12 '11 at 17:38

You should try using a library like jQuery that allows you to use CSS selectors. Then you would be able to do

$('.a,.A').css("background", "#f00");

You could even change multiple styles at once with multiple elements

$('.a,.A').css({"background": "#f00", "color": "#000"});
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Thanks! Just what I needed. :) –  Dwarf Vader Oct 12 '11 at 17:37

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