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i hope i did't make any clone. I am studying book effective c# wrote by Bill Wagner and stuck with using query syntax.

In my project i use something like that:

this.processList = new List<Process>();

            foreach (Process process in Process.GetProcesses(machine))
                if (process.MainWindowTitle.Contains(patternTitle))

            if (processList.Count == 1)
                this.handler = this.processList[0].MainWindowHandle;

And i would like to use query syntax but i really don't have any idea how to. I tried this under, but it fails. I know it won't work, but this is my proof that i tried.

(from n in Enumerable.Range(0, Process.GetProcesses(machine)).Contains select var).add(value));

Any help will be appreciate.

P.S. please correct my topic if it was not good specified. Thanks!

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If you're trying to use LINQ be sure to include a "using System.LINQ;"

The LINQ expression you probably want is something like this:

var processList = from p in Process.GetProcesses(machine)
 where p.MainWindowTitle.Contains(patternTitle)
 select p;

There's lots of examples for LINQ around. I use as a reference.

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thanks dear sir – deadfish Oct 12 '11 at 18:16

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