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i have 6 series (lines) within one chart categorized by date. one of the series has a way higher max point than all the others making them disappear into a a single line at the bottom. the data is generated from different reports with series in different order but mostly with the same data mixed together with variable data. i want to add a second y-axis on the right to keep that one single series separated from all the other data but i need a way to tell highcharts to take a specific series which name i know. would be always the same. is there any way to accomplish that?


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This is how you define "y" axes -

yAxis: [{},{},{}] 
// so "yAxis" is just an array of y-axis-objects (i.e. yAxis[0], yAxis[1]...)

And you can tell Highcharts which one of these y axes you want your series be associated with as follows -

series: [{yAxis: 1}, {yAxis: 2}, {}]

So, your first series will be associated with yAxis[1], second with yAxis[2] and the third by default with yAxis[0].

Check out the API ref on yAxis and series.

You can also see the demo of dual-axes here. There you can click the "View Options" to see how the options object is configured.

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