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This must be a stupid question, but I've been unable to find it.

I have an asp.net control that includes a RadWindowManager that has a child RadWindow. The RadWindow has the property NavigateUrl set to an asp.net page. I wish to have a Submit button that will do some server interaction and then close the RadWindow. The page that is the target of the NavigateUrl property doesn't have a reference to the window, which is the source of the problem.


        <RadWindow NavigateUrl="PageLocation">


    <telerik:RadButton Text="Submit" OnClick="CloseRadWindow"/>

How can I have a page with a button that can control the closing of its container (the RadWindow)?

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Try using self.close(); at the point where you want to close the RadWindow:

<telerik:RadButton ID="Submit" OnClientClick="self.close();return false;" ... />
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I have a follow up question that I've ran into about the difference in using the client event handlers or invoking from my code behind: stackoverflow.com/questions/7757558/… –  kmkemp Oct 13 '11 at 16:58

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