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I have this problem: in Autodesk Maya I set "aim constraint" between two objects. I'm able to export this constraints in fbx file (if I import this Fbx in Maya again I see the constraints) but when I import this fbx in Xna, the constraints are not imported. There is a method to handle the constraints in Xna?

thank you

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I have not come across any code or samples for this problem, so I think you may have to write the code yourself. If you modify the skinned model sample content processor, you could create a class that contained both a SkinningData and, say, ConstraintData objects, which you would have to write and put it in the Tag property of the Model. You could then modify the AnimationPlayer class to accept ConstraintData and use it.

Edit: here is a link to the autodesk site where they have an sdk for writing fbx files:


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