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Total beginner in HTML requesting help .. hoping for a 200 response. Something like that.

Am dynamically creating a table using Javascript on the client side. I want that table to be something like that:

|    |     |
|____|     |
|    |     |

Of course not exactly like that .. that's pure ugly.

My code:

if(i == 0) { 
                    var infoCell    = document.createElement("td");
                    var imgCell     = document.createElement("td");

                    infoCell.width  = "300px";
                    imgCell.width   = "300px";

                    infoCell.rowspan = "4";
                    imgCell.rowspan = "4";

                    //infoCell.height = "300px";
                    //imgCell.height  = "300px";



not working.... I get a cell at the top, while the rest is empty .... I would like to make the cell take the whole space.

I can post the whole code, if needed .. but it's just too long.

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rowSpan :O


if you still didn't get it .. Replace rowspan with rowSpan.

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