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I subclassed NSURLCache, and overwrote cachedResponseForRequest, and changed the shared cache to my own cache object, to intercept every url request made by a UIWebView. It works perfectly at the first time, when the URL loaded into the UIWebView, it intercepts everything (css, jpg, etc). But when I try to load the same URL (eg. index.html), the cachedResponseForRequest method won't be called. If then I try with a different URL it works perfectly again.

I tried to modify the request's cachePolicy to every possible values, but nothing helped.

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Finally I found a solution: after every URL request, you have to release all the UIWebViews, and re-create them before the next request. IMPORTANT: every release should occur before the new allocs.

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Doesn't sound like the best solution to destroy, recreate, reconfigure and reposition all web views. –  Rivera Nov 26 '12 at 7:10
Tell this to the Apple guys, it was not my idea to create a cache inside the UIWebView which cannot be explicitly cleared for these reasons. PS. this solution is for IOS4 only –  Kompi Dec 2 '12 at 15:28

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