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I need to iterate through the words of a large file, which consists of a single, long long line. I am aware of methods iterating through the file line by line, however they are not applicable in my case, because of its single line structure.

Any alternatives?

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read small amounts of the file with a buffer... – JBernardo Oct 12 '11 at 19:14

It really depends on your definition of word. But try this:

f = file("your-filename-here").read()
for word in f.split():
    # do something with word
    print word

This will use whitespace characters as word boundaries.

Of course, remember to properly open and close the file, this is just a quick example.

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Long long line? I assume the line is too big to reasonably fit in memory, so you want some kind of buffering.

First of all, this is a bad format; if you have any kind of control over the file, make it one word per line.

If not, use something like:

line = ''
while True:
    word, space, line = line.partition(' ')
    if space:
        # A word was found
        yield word
        # A word was not found; read a chunk of data from file
        next_chunk =
        if next_chunk:
            # Add the chunk to our line
            line = word + next_chunk
            # No more data; yield the last word and return
            yield word.rstrip('\n')
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There are more efficient ways of doing this, but syntactically, this might be the shortest:

 words = open('myfile').read().split()

If memory is a concern, you aren't going to want to do this because it will load the entire thing into memory, instead of iterating over it.

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You really should consider using Generator

def word_gen(file):
    for line in file:
        for word in line.split():
            yield word

with open('somefile') as f:
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Read in the line as normal, then split it on whitespace to break it down into words?

Something like:

word_list = loaded_string.split()
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After reading the line you could do:

l = len(pattern)
i = 0
while True:
    i = str.find(pattern, i)
    if i == -1:
    print str[i:i+l] # or do whatever
    i += l


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What Donald Miner suggested looks good. Simple and short. I used the below in a code that I have written some time ago:

l = []
f = open("filename.txt", "rU")
for line in f:
    for word in line.split()

longer version of what Donald Miner suggested.

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