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I was just wondering- is there an automated way that the "report abuse" (for profane or inappropriate posts) feature works for a large website like, say, Amazon? Is it just a simple game of numbers (e.g. 100 ppl report the link so it should be taken down) or something more sophisticated?

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It is a link on a website that the website-owner implemented? I don't think there is a some sort of top-down regulated method of implementing this, everyone does it's own thing. Some will be 'just simple numbers', some will be more sophisticated.

SO does both I guess: the more flags, the more a problem (spam for instance) gets attention of people who can lock, and flags of some users way heavier then others...

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ack. you can do a lot here i think. reports/views, reports/replies, weighted reports ... –  Maximilian Hils Oct 12 '11 at 23:52

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