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This is probably a simple question but I'm new to bash and OSX. I would like a regex expression that returns a string between two periods followed by the word LSSharedFileList.

For example "org.videolan.vlc.LSSharedFileList.plist.lockfile" would return only "vlc".

The beginning and end of the string may change but I will only ever need the text between the periods preceding "LSSharedFileList".

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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Both answers worked brilliantly, so thank you both. I also managed a workaround using "$string | cut -d'.' -f4`" to find the 4th from last 'column' defining '.' as the separator. –  Nick Fox Oct 12 '11 at 22:40

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$ echo org.videolan.vlc.LSSharedFileList.plist.lockfile | sed -e 's/.*\.\(..*\)\.LSSharedFileList.*/\1/'
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Here's how you can do this using bash parameter expansion:


# Strip off ".LSSharedFileList" and whatever follows

# Strip off everything from the beginning up to the first period

echo $BAR
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