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I have problems setting message priorities via nms. The messages are sent to the queue everything is ok but the priority is ignored.

I use the following code:

message.NMSPriority = MsgPriority.High;

Regardless what value I set for message priority, using the ActiveMQ browser I can see that the priority is always set to 4.

I also tried to add some raw headers like:

message.Properties["priority"] = 2;
message.Properties["PRIORITY"] = 5;
message.Properties["NMSPriority"] = 7;
message.Properties["JMSPriority "] = 9;

But it doesn't help.

I also have added the attribute


to the activemq.xml file. And I can send a message with priority manually via the ActiveMQ browser.

So where is the problem? What I am doing wrong?

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Message priority is always set by the producer that sends the Message. The setter on the class will only allow you to change the value after you've received a message and is usually only used for unit testing or converting Messages between providers. To set Message priority on a per message basis have a look at the different send methods in the MessageProducer interface.

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Thank you very much, your answer solved my problem! But it is interesting that I can set the message properties via the setter class and other things too, but not the priority. – Chris Oct 13 '11 at 16:57
You can refer to the JMS API documentation on things like this, the various setters are tagged to indicate which one's are not applicable to sent Messages – Tim Bish Oct 14 '11 at 10:47

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