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I have a text file that has fixed length lines, padded by trailing spaces like:

hello world                 ↩
this is some other line     ↩
x                           ↩

and I want to remove the trailing spaces on each line so it looks like

hello world↩
this is some other line↩

Is it possible to write an emacs macro that can solve this?

Edit: the lines can have any arbitrary number of spaces in it before the trailing spaces at the end, so

hi     world                ↩

can be a valid line in this file.

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Emacs has the built-in fixup-whitespace (M-space), which shrinks more than one space to only one space:

hello      world         ↩

M-x fixup-whitespace

hello world ↩

So, you can simply define a macro that:

  • first calls fixup-whitespace
  • then removes the last whitespace

Another one could be M-x replace-regexp RET [ ]+' RET ' RET, which solves the problem using regular expressions.

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really correct question is next, from vhallac... – Alex Ott Oct 13 '11 at 7:02
Note that the apostrophe is not really part of his problem, so your advice about the regex is technically incorrect. s/'/$/ and it's right, though. – jrockway Oct 13 '11 at 9:18
Please note that the original question contained apostrophes. – phimuemue Oct 13 '11 at 20:57

There is an emacs command delete-trailing-whitespace that gets rid of whitespace after last character. If you run it without any region marked, it cleans up the whole buffer. If you have an active region, only the lines in the region are cleaned.

A lot of people add the following code to their .emacs, so that whenever they save a file, all trailing whitespace is cleaned up:

(add-hook 'before-save-hook
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This is the right answer, and a great addition to .emacs. – Demosthenex Oct 13 '11 at 4:34
I use this; works very nicely. – Cheeso Oct 14 '11 at 2:53

I know you've already got an answer, but in addtion to fixup-whitespace there is also delete-horizontal-whitespace which deletes all of the whitespace around point. There are a couple of other related commands that are useful in various situations. You can look them up with M-: (info "(elisp) User-Level Deletion").

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This one is quick and works in all Emacs versions:

M-x picture-mode, then C-c C-c

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