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I'm trying to write a windows kernel driver which requires tcp/ip communication using NDIS 5/6. Since it will use NDIS, as I understand it, it needs it's own tcp/ip stack implementation.

Could anyone point me in the direction of an implementation of this, or something close to it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Kind regards

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You don't need to implement your own TCP/IP stack!

First, are you sure that this needs to be done in a driver? All your complex code and business logic should usually be in a usermode application or service. Drivers are mostly meant to be very simple wrappers around hardware. This rule isn't just some abstract principle either — it's much easier to write usermode code, where you can use a familiar debugger and the much-broader set of Win32 APIs. You'll solve your problem sooner if you can move most of your code to usermode.

If you really must do TCP socket I/O in kernel mode, then you should use Winsock Kernel (WSK). WSK allows you to open a socket, similar to Winsock in usermode. (Although the usermode Winsock API has more options and features; WSK is bare-bones).

WSK is available on Windows Vista and later. If you must support Windows XP, then you need to use TDI. TDI is much harder to get right; I don't reccomend using it if you can avoid it.

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