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I'm trying to build one of my CMake-based projects from a couple of years ago with Visual Studio 2010 and I'm running into problems to do with the output directory for a project. Visual Studio has always been very keen on adding Debug/ and Release/ subdirectories when outputting binaries, and for various reasons I've always been very keen on removing them - now that I'm using a new version of CMake and a new version of Visual Studio, the old workaround in CMake no longer seems to work, and I'm looking to find out the "new" way of doing it.

With a previous version of CMake (2.6) and a previous version of Visual Studio (2008), I used the following:

    # A hack to get around the "Debug" and "Release" directories Visual Studio tries to add

This worked fine, but no longer seems to do the trick. Please does anyone know of a similar but more up-to-date workaround that will work with CMake 2.8.6 and Visual Studio 2010?

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It depends a bit on what you want precisely, but I would recommend to take a look at the available target properties, similar to this question.

It depends a bit on what you want exactly. For each target, you could manually set the library_output_directory or runtime_output_directory properties.

if ( MSVC )
    set_target_properties( ${targetname} PROPERTIES LIBRARY_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY ${youroutputdirectory} )
    set_target_properties( ${targetname} PROPERTIES LIBRARY_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY_DEBUG ${youroutputdirectory} )
    set_target_properties( ${targetname} PROPERTIES LIBRARY_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY_RELEASE ${youroutputdirectory} )
    # etc for the other available configuration types (MinSizeRel, RelWithDebInfo)
endif ( MSVC )

You could also do this globally for all sub-projects, using something like this:

# First for the generic no-config case (e.g. with mingw)
set( CMAKE_RUNTIME_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY ${youroutputdirectory} )
set( CMAKE_LIBRARY_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY ${youroutputdirectory} )
set( CMAKE_ARCHIVE_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY ${youroutputdirectory} )
# Second, for multi-config builds (e.g. msvc)
    set( CMAKE_RUNTIME_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY_${OUTPUTCONFIG} ${youroutputdirectory} )
    set( CMAKE_LIBRARY_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY_${OUTPUTCONFIG} ${youroutputdirectory} )
    set( CMAKE_ARCHIVE_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY_${OUTPUTCONFIG} ${youroutputdirectory} )
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Brilliant, thanks - it turns out I was looking for the ARCHIVE_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY_{config} properties on the target. Cheers! :) – Stuart Golodetz Oct 13 '11 at 18:06
I do exactly the same and it works until e.g. add_executable(test test.cpp) get_target_property(test_EXE test LOCATION) is called, it still has the D:/Codebase/test/bin/$(Configuration)/test.exe any idea how to fix this issue? – choosyg Aug 21 '14 at 9:19

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