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For some reason when i use the jquery toggle function with a speed option, the element width is animated at the same time (from 50% of the width to its full extent). I don't recall noticing it in previous version of jquery. Is there a way to make sure the toggle doesn't touch the width? The problem is that i have some floated content in the element, so when toggled , the floated layout is broken until the animation is completed. Any ideas on how to fix this?

i am using the latest version of jquery : 1.3.2.

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can you post your example code to a public URL using jsbin.com –  Russ Cam Apr 21 '09 at 22:17

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If you just want to toggle along the vertical axis, take a look at the slideToggle function.

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@Chris : you just made my day!!! –  ak3nat0n Apr 21 '09 at 22:18

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