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I search for some libraries about image compositing. My purpose is to create an high resolution image on disk based on layering of different sources.

I work on Windows with C++.

A short brief of the project to clarify the needs of the libraries:

  • from a template file (an xml or svg or simplified pdf) i set the dimension of the final image. It also define positions, rotations and sizes of various area which the user can fill whith custom images.
  • layer by layer i must compose the final image merging in a unique file all the custom images (positioned, rotated, resized and cropped in the areas defined in the template)
  • The final image size can vary, but i must consider to reach a dimension between 1000 and 100000 for both side for the final image and for the custom images.
  • I must render some text (which style is defined in the template and text customized by the user) that overlap the final image.

So the key requirements are:

  • creates a raster image in the fastest time on hard disk.
  • manages multiple buffers (and a big amount of memory) for crop rotate and resize a custom number of images and merge them in a final image
  • read/write differents file formats (jpg, png, bmp).
  • images can be high resolution pictures.
  • manages text rendering at different resolutions
  • working on Windows
  • supports multithreading

Basically I need to create a 2d renderer with compositing capabilities, a sort of rip that convert vector definitions to a final raster image.


  1. Can you suggest some libraries free or commercial for fast compositing and processing for large output and support for antialiasing, transform, alpha blending etc. (I use at the moment leadtools and freeimage and sometimes imagemagick) ? why a tool is better than other for the goal? Memory management wins on performance on high dimensions.

  2. Are libraries such cairo or skia the right tools for the work or their target is screen rendering ?

  3. Can you suggest some good SVG libraries capable to read, manipulate and render SVG files to high resolution output ? or the same for PDF ?

  4. Do you know tools for text rendering with simple API and good result at different resolutions ?

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You already know about Cairo, so... what's the problem? Is there something wrong with it? –  Nicol Bolas Oct 13 '11 at 2:40
Hello, a clarification, please. Is the output so big that it cant fit in the RAM while you are processing? –  André Puel Oct 13 '11 at 2:42
@NicolBolas No problem with Cairo, I ask if it can fit the requirement and if the are better alternatives and why (or why not cairo) –  yuri Oct 13 '11 at 7:29
@AndréPuel Yes it can be so big to use the whole memory and ask for more –  yuri Oct 13 '11 at 7:30

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