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What is the recommended approach for using the NetConnection class?

  1. Repeated usage, use one NetConnection instance to send all messages.
    • What's the behavior of a single NetConnection instance when you send a second message before the first one completes? Does it matter?
  2. Create one NetConnection instance for every message.
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If you need to use NetConnection a lot, then creating a new one all the time will cause some considerable memory churn. In our project we have lots of overlapping calls, so re-using a single global one doesn't work either so I am looking into using an pool of netconnections to avoid the memory churn. I'll post if I find a good definitive answer. – Danny Parker Jan 12 '12 at 11:12

I guess you should ask your instance for uncompleted operations. If your instance is not occupied feel free to reuse it. Otherwise create a new one.

Maybe object pooling is a keyword here

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