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I'm trying to incorporate a like button in my site but it doesn't seem to appear. I've talked with another dev in the team and he sees it. We have a hunch it is a network problem BUT trying to diagnose it has gotten us weird results. Here are our results:

  1. My local machine and any machine on my network

    • my site doesn't show like button
    • shows like button
    • techcrunch doesn't show like button
    • tried this for chrome, safari and ff. only safari shows the like button
    • i can access
  2. Other dev's machine and ipad(same network)

    • all sites show like button
  3. remote rackspace windows server(just tried this out)

    • all sites show the fb button

Hunch: something to do with the firewall? But why can I access facebook directly? Why would they block the like button and not facebook itself? Also, why is's like button appearing and not on the other sites?

I am really stumped as to why this is happening and this is becoming a huge impediment. Thanks for any help/input!

P.S. I think we are getting a 403 from something. Sonicwall?

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Okay I think we found it. Sonic wall or the network admin blocks anything with the word "proxy". It is weird though that's like button doesn't have that, but I think this is probably the reason why we're being blocked.

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