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I have a model of work orders, with a field for when the work order is required by. To get a list of work orders, with those that are required early, I do this:

wo = Work_Order.objects.order_by('dateWORequired')

This works nicely, but ONLY if there is actually a value in that field. If there is no required date, then the value is None. Then, the list of work orders has all the None's at the top, and then the remaining work orders in proper order.

How can I get the None's at the bottom?

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q = q.extra(select={
        'date_is_null': 'dateWORequired IS NULL',

You might need a - before the date_is_null in the order_by portion, but that's how you can control the behavior.

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Brilliant! Works like a charm. Now I need to go find the documentation for that code to understand what is going on. Thanks nonetheless. –  Garfonzo Oct 13 '11 at 16:49
While that works it does use custom SQL, which is best avoided if possible. An alternative which doesn't use custom SQL is given in the accepted answer to Django : Order by position ignoring NULL. –  markshep Oct 24 '14 at 13:48

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