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i have a window with grid panel as the content...

  1. when the window first shown, my store is empty and i can't see the scrorllbar (good)
  2. when i load the data to store, i can see the scrollbar (good)
  3. when i remove all data from store, i can still see the scrollbar and scrollable. when exactly there's no data in view (bad)

so my question is my title, how to remove scrollbar after datastore removed

here is the demo

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Its is a open bug. Sencha team promises to fix it it 4.0.7. Have a look at this discussion at Sencha forum.

One possible solution given in the forum, is to hide the scrollbar using hideVerticalScroller() method. I did try it on fiddle but was not successful 100% (may be something to do with fiddle). I had to click "remove data" button twice to remove the scroll bar:


On the forum, they suggest doing (And this works!):

var data = [];
var store = gridSr.getStore();
store.loadData(data, false);

if (data.length == 0) {
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thanks .. i just figured why didn't i look it up in their forum before ask here.. hehehe peace :) – Warung Nasi 49 Oct 13 '11 at 7:08

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