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I have a site that, for a certain php function to work, needs the url to be:


I would like the URL to read


What can I put in the .htaccess file to achieve this? Can I put one htaccess file in the root, or would I need to put one in each /topic/ directory?

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Are you shooting for /topic/height/### ? or /topic/### ? –  Watermark Studios Oct 13 '11 at 4:43

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I think the following might work for your issue:

RewriteRule ^([^/]*)/?$ $1/index.php?height=###

Of course, that's assuming a static number. If you need a dynamic number or one provided by the client, you're going to need something like:

RewriteRule ^([^/]*)/(\d+)/?$ $1/index.php?height=$2
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