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I need to build a partial Inverted Index. Something like:

l = {{x, {h, a, b, c}}, {y, {c, d, e}}}
-> {{a, {x}}, {b, {x}}, {c, {x, y}}, {d, {y}}, {e, {y}}, {h, {x}}}

I think it is pretty clear what it does. In the input list, the {x, y ...} are unique, while the {a, b, c, ..} are not. The output ought to be ordered by #[[1]].

Right now, I am doing this:

iI[list_List] := {#, list[[Position[list, #][[All, 1]]]][[All, 1]]} & /@ 

But it looks too convoluted for such an easy task, seems too slow, and I should be able to cope with Legion.

A test drive to compare your results:

words = DictionaryLookup[];
abWords = DictionaryLookup["ab" ~~ ___];
l = {#, RandomChoice[abWords, RandomInteger[{1, 30}]]} & /@ words[[1 ;; 3000]];
-> 5.312

So, any ideas for an speedup?

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Seems a classic task for Reap-Sow (improvement in the final version due to @Heike):

iI[list_] := Sort[Reap[Sow @@@ list, _, List][[2]]] 



{{a, {x}}, {b, {x}}, {c, {x, y}}, {d, {y}}, {e, {y}}, {h, {x}}}


Out[25]= 0.047


Here is an alternative version with a similar (slightly worse) performance:

iIAlt[list_] :=
   Sort@Transpose[{#[[All, 1, 2]], #[[All, All, 1]]}] &@
           GatherBy[Flatten[Thread /@ list, 1], Last];

It is interesting that Reap - Sow here gives an even slightly faster solution than the one based on structural operations.


Just for an illustration - for those who prefer rule-based solutions, here is one based on a combination of Dispatch and ReplaceList:

iIAlt1[list_] :=
   With[{disp = Dispatch@Flatten[Thread[Rule[#2, #]] & @@@ list]},
       Map[{#, ReplaceList[#, disp]} &, Union @@ list[[All, 2]]]]

It is about 2-3 times slower than the other two, though.

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One step to glory :) – Dr. belisarius Oct 13 '11 at 6:32
Nice indeed. Thread-ing the list isn't even necessary; you could do something like iI[list_] := Sort[Reap[Sow @@@ list, _, List][[2]]] to make it even faster. – Heike Oct 13 '11 at 7:46
@Heike Indeed, thanks. When I was developing code, I somehow first thought that it should be Sow[#2,#1]&, which, if true, required Thread. When I realized the ordering is direct, I forgot to remove it. Will edit to use your version. – Leonid Shifrin Oct 13 '11 at 8:12
@belisarius Can't wait :). I shouldn't keep you alone in that scary place :) I added another version. b.t.w. – Leonid Shifrin Oct 13 '11 at 8:32
@belisarius actually, 2 steps to glory :) One answer is the toolbag CW one. It's only gonna take Leonid longer if he keeps deleting his answers ;) – abcd Oct 13 '11 at 12:53

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