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Hi I have a string variable with large content. I have to remove unwanted line from the string content and keep remaining content as it is. Following is output that we get after printing the string:

string varString;
cout<<"String content :"<<endl<<varString<<endl;

Output is :
String content :
call::myFuncton(int const&)
call::MY::Method(char const&)
call::MY::newFunction(char *&)

Now i have to remove "call::myFuncton(int const&)" line from above string variable and keep other data as it is. can any one tell tell me how i can remove that line from sting variable? Thanks in advance

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can we remove the single line completly, separated by "\n" character ? –  BSalunke Oct 13 '11 at 8:09

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You can use the function varString.find() to find the position where the string occurs, and then use varString.erase() to erase the text.

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You first find the string then you erase it.

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You can use Regex to replace the required string call::myFuncton(int const&) using Regex. You can find more information about using Regex in C++ from this link C++: what regex library should I use?

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This approach is beneficial if you intend to remove all call:Func(param) strings from your single big block of string, otherwise find and erase should work out pretty well. –  Srinivas Oct 13 '11 at 5:28

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