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I'm getting a JSON object(i.e. NewDataSet) in the POST request, see image below (Firebug-request object)...

enter image description here

How can i get this object at server side ??

Thanks Xtremist

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I think it has been answered here:… –  Prashant Oct 13 '11 at 5:12

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I would create a server side object matching the JSON object you are posting to the server.

public class DataPackage
    public string CostType {get; set;}
    public string CostName {get; set;}
    public bool isEditable {get; set;}

In your webservice you can setup the service definition like this:

[System.Web.Script.Services.ScriptMethod(ResponseFormat = System.Web.Script.Services.ResponseFormat.Json, XmlSerializeString = false)]
public void MyWebservice(DataPackage NewDataSet) {

You need to tell your client side posting script that you are sending json:

contentType: 'application/json'

If I remember correctly this will tell ASP.NET to deserialize your JSON object into the .NET class.

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Checkout information on

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